Turtle Tales: The Shell, The Race, and The Bad Day


Turtle Tales follows Turtle and his young friends as they play and have fun, learning life lessons along the way.

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The Shell

Turtle?s friends Bear, Fox, and Rabbit all have brand new backpacks, and Turtle?s shell just doesn?t seem as cool…after all, it?s not made of shiny red plastic! But Turtle learns that what makes his shell unique makes it just as cool.

The Race

No one can beat Rabbit when Turtle and his friends run a foot race. He?s just the fastest creature in the forest. Everyone is good at something, but no one is good at everything, and Turtle might just prove that Rabbit is only the fastest creature in the forest? on land.

The Bad Day

Papa Turtle is having a bad day that just seems to get worse and worse. Isn?t there anything that will make this bad day better?

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