The Story of Alexander Hamilton 265 Years After His Birth


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Most people recognize Alexander Hamilton from the $10 bill, but know little of him beyond that. Maybe you remember something from a U.S. history class about a national bank and a bunch of feuds. But Hamilton’s life was filled to bursting with personal drama, political maneuvering, and violent upsets.

He bravely fought alongside General George Washington to free the colonies from the tyrant King George III. His writings inspired a nation with the Federalist Papers, arguing in defense of the not-yet-ratified U.S. Constitution. And perhaps most famously, Hamilton established our first national bank as the first Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, securing his place forever as one of our nation’s most influential figures.

But before Hamilton helped to sweep the nation into its future as an independent economic power, he was just an immigrant born of a poor, single mother in the Caribbean. And while he was extremely intelligent and ambitious, he had flaws like everyone else.

Dive into the seldom-discussed backstory of the husband and father of eight who would go on to help lead a nation before being fatally shot in a dramatic duel with Aaron Burr. Discover for yourself the incredible life of this founding father and find out why everyone’s still singing of his accolades in the form of smash Broadway musicals even 265 years after his birth.

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