The Scholarship & Financial Aid Solution: How to Go to College for Next to Nothing, with Shortcuts, Tricks, and Tips from Start to Finish Revised 3rd Edition


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After helping students over multiple years with scholarships, more and more parents and students from other local schools were calling me for appointments to help them. There wasn’t enough time in my day to help them all, but I have a hard time saying no.

The solution? A book to help them and others outside of my community as well. A book that does not expire and can be used nationwide.

This is not a book with a list of scholarships as they change from year to year. Instead it is a simple ‘how to’ book for scholarships; where to find them, the different types of scholarships and definitions, how to fill them out (with short cuts and tips), as well as advice on making you look your best, from the application to the essay to the interview.

There is also help with watching out for scams, the FAFSA, making sure that you receive your money, and other tips on saving money.

All in all, this book was written as a map for scholarships, from start to end.

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