The Perfect Storm: The True Story of Saving Jamestown and the Founding of Bermud


Matthew stared as his uncle fought wildly to steer the Sea Venture between the dangerous reefs that lay hidden beneath the crashing waves. Caught in a massive hurricane, they had spotted land but might sink at any moment.

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They were about to land on the dreaded Isle de Bermudez. Matthew couldn’t decide which was more terrifying: the island of devils or the depths of the ocean threatening to engulf them. But they had no choice; if they ran aground now, they d never make it to Jamestown with the supplies to save the colonists from their fate. The colony was counting on them.

In this colorful and engaging tale of high-seas adventure, discover the history of Bermuda and follow the story of real people in their struggle for survival. Set sail on the Sea Venture and witness the beginning of one country and the rescue of another!

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