The High School Student's Guide to Writing a Great Research Paper


It’s the evening before your research paper is due, and you’re staring at a big, empty white word document waiting to be filled on your computer screen. The cursor is pulsing. The clock is ticking. And you’re panicking. Sound familiar? It’s a scenario that all high school students face, and with it comes stress, dread, pessimism and, of course, writer’s block.

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According to the National Center for Education Statistics, four out of five students are not proficient writers. If you need inspiration and motivation for writing your next paper, The High School Student’s Guide to Writing A Great Research Paper can be the catalyst you need to get started on and finish with an original, fresh paper one that is chock-full of extensive vocabulary, smooth transitions, and concise details that teachers won’t want to lay a red pen on.

We talked to hundreds of teachers who explained exactly what they want from their students’ papers, as well as high school students who have gone through the same struggles you have and shared their successful paths to overcoming writing dilemmas. In this book, you will learn every aspect of the research paper and its writing process from dissecting the prompt and figuring out precisely what your teacher is looking for to ending with a flourish that will set your paper apart from the rest.

With the 101 tips and tricks in this book, you will learn how to develop clever, new topics as well as how to compose a helpful and organized outline before you begin writing. You will learn how to brainstorm myriad subjects that your teacher will want to read, and learn how to articulate them smoothly and easily in your paper. Also, find out how to keep the same flow and tone throughout every paragraph.

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