The Grassy Knoll Assassination: Sherlock Holmes Investigates President Kennedy's


When detective Sherlock Holmes receives an urgent call regarding an unsolved case, he is quick to accept. Thirty-five years may have passed since President John F. Kennedy’s assassination, but there are still some unanswered questions tied to the devastating incident. Did Lee Harvey Oswald work alone? Was he even the true assassin? Y2K is approaching, and Kennedy’s daughter knows that all the compiled evidence might be lost forever.

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To embark on this top-secret investigation, Holmes and Dr. John Watson must leave the comforts of their London residence to journey across the Atlantic and into the unknown. Sorting through historical documents and conspiracies, the pair search for the answer alongside a team of skilled researchers in an effort to finally solve the greatest mystery in US history.

With the help of the best technology available, modern forensics, and a bit of luck, the team dives into top-secret files, medical reports, and witness statements as the gruesome events of the assassination unfold before them.

Holmes and Watson might be the only ones who can help America uncover the dark secrets that lie behind this tragedy, but can they uncover the truth before it’s too late?

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