The Golden Journey: Two Perspectives on Navigating Later Life


The Golden Journey: Two Perspectives on Navigating Later Life From the day we are born, the clock starts ticking, and our life?s journey unfolds. We venture from event to event, focused on the present but fearful of future events in our lives or the lives of ones we love.

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As we and our loved ones embark on the next journey in our life, how do we plan for and navigate the Golden Years? Does aging condemn us to a boring life? No!

The Golden Journey is a collaborative story of two unlikely individuals, Grace Hunt (age 26) and Pierre Thollot (age 86). In April of 2019 they unexpectedly met and discovered a shared interest and personal stories regarding the ?ageing process.? They began corresponding and sharing their experiences and decided to write a book. They have now become friends, confidants, coauthors, and chess partners. Their goal is to share their stories and the stories of those important to them to provide some guidance and a map for ageing as a meaningful and rewarding journey. Through dedicated research, and personal experiences these authors uncover activities and advice that are valuable tools to help anyone navigate their Golden Years. For anyone looking toward retirement and beyond, this is both an enjoyable and informative read. By sharing their stories and the stories of their friends, Grace and Pierre hope to inspire others to truly enjoy their Golden Journey.

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