The Complete Guide to Trust and Estate Management


One of the most critical decisions a person must make when crafting a will or establishing a trust is whom to name as executor or trustee. Being chosen for these important jobs is an honor, and you must know how to perform the tasks correctly. With the help of this new book, The Complete Guide to Trust and Estate Management, you will understand the complex process of carrying out a person s final wishes.

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This book will provide insight whether you are a lawyer, accountant, financial consultant, spouse, adult child, relative, or friend; the simple, easy to understand language makes this book accessible to everyone. You will become familiar with many estate and trust management terms, such as beneficiary, probate, remaindermen, trust agreement, trust property, trustor, and trustee.

In addition, you will learn the many duties and responsibilities of an executor, including the disbursement of property to the beneficiaries, collecting and arranging for the payment of debts, approving and disproving creditors claims, calculating taxes, filing forms, assisting the estate attorney, acting as the representative of the estate, inventorying and appraising the assets, and acting in the best interests of the deceased. After reading this book, you will know how to initiate probate; how to preserve the value of the estate; how to notify beneficiaries; how to send notices to the post office, banks, utilities, and credit card companies; how to file for Social Security, civil service, and veteran benefits; how to file tax returns; and how to file state death and federal estate tax returns.

As executor, you will be responsible for settling the deceased person s estate and as trustee, you will be responsible for holding and administering the trust assets in the best interests of the trust s beneficiaries. Using this book as a guide, you can be assured that you will be prepared to properly perform the necessary duties entrusted to you.

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