Sunset: Sunrise: A Journey of Self-Acceptance


Since Adam and Eve there has never been a perfect human being. We are all born with flaws some more serious than others, that have to be dealt with by the individual. For Sarah Hartley, she had to deal with two: bi-polar depression and transsexualism.

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Her book takes you on a journey through her life from her boarding school days in England to her commercial real estate development career in the United States. She weaves an intensely personal story, allowing the reader to venture into her constant balancing act. Torn between the love of her family and the overwhelming need to dramatically change her life, Sarah s journey is one of despair, heart wrenching decisions and celebrations. With numerous visits to psychiatrists, psychologists, electrologists, and surgeons, she finally determines her course. At the age of 60 she makes the ultimate decision to have surgery and to live her life as a female. Through it all she keeps her sense of humor and sense of self. As you go on this journey with Sarah, enjoy the amusing anecdotes and personal stories that Sunset:Sunrise has to offer.

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