So You Want to Be a Real Estate Agent How to Pass Your State License Exam


You decided you want to be a real estate agent, which seemed like the hard part. However, the state license exam might be a little harder. Teens that have taken interest in the real estate market can expand their interests through the information provided in this book.

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Confusing and seemingly dull definitions and concepts have been broken down and are explained easily for the young adult audience. Material such as real estate legal issues, encumbrances, real estate law, financing real estate purchases, leasing, escrow accounts, contracts, and legal documents are covered in the book, but in a fun and clear way. The book is full of examples and vibrant photography to make a complex subject interesting and easy to understand. At the end of the book, you will find sample tests, so that every reader will know what they’re getting into. Young adults that have decided the real estate market is for them can get a head start and ensure that when the time comes, they will pass the license exam on the first try.

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