January Tenth: Finding Our Power of Purpose in the United State of Addiction


America is addicted.

America s problems have become bigger than any president, political party, or industry can solve. Everything from the food industry to the medical system has created so much ease in our daily lives that we’ve lost the will and the ability to think for ourselves.

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We can text, but not communicate. With a finger, we have unlimited information, but no knowledge. We can get food fast and pills cheap, but many of us have no idea of the consequences that come with the ease of modern life.

America s industries spend billions of dollars in marketing to convince us to replace our life purpose with their product. They have us addicted to a convenient way of life. We are caught in a vicious cycle of mindless cronyism, and unless we find a way to break out of it, our autonomy will continue to be stolen from us.

After 30 years of experience recovering from his own addictions, Doug Durham recognizes the symptoms. He wrote January Tenth: Finding Our Power of Purpose in The United State of Addiction to help others look inside themselves and identify their addictions whatever form they may take. Asking ourselves the questions is easy, but finding the right answers for each of us is hard. The road less traveled will be uncomfortable, but look where comfortable ease has gotten us. Our lives are worth more than what some industry sells to us. Tomorrow could be the most important day of our lives, but only if we’re willing to open our eyes to the truth in front of us.

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