How to Get Your Amazing Invention on Store Shelves


Turning those ideas into marketable products though can be an incredibly lengthy, complex process, especially for the independent inventor with limited resources. In this age of the self-made celebrity, expert, and business owner, there is no reason why you cannot market your inventions as well and create a demand for your amazing new idea.

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With the help of this comprehensive guide to the invention marketing process, you will learn everything you need to know to go from independent inventor to profiting . It starts with knowing exactly what the current independent inventor is dealing with ? the market climate and how things like the Internet have fundamentally changed how new products are presented. You will learn how to start commercializing what, to this point, has only been an idea ? researching the industry into which you are trying to enter, how long to wait, what the actual value of your product is opposed to the perceived value and how you can calculate that actual value, and how licensing and marketing work on a fundamental level. To supplement your patent, you will learn how to time the marketing of your product to best take advantage of a fresh patent without showing your hand. The value of test marketing and interviewing an audience of demographically valuable individuals will be explained in full detail alongside the costs and timetables for submitting your product and preparing it for licensing.

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